“The Disease/Vaccine”-Top 5: Why These Spiritual Associations? Coincidence or Orchestrated?

“The Disease/Vaccine”—Top 5: Why These Spiritual Associations? Coincidence or Orchestrated?

All are Biblical Words and Doctrines!

Prepared By: Simone Flynn


Since the start of 2020 “the disease” has burst upon our globe from Wuhan, China to every “corner of the world.” It’s as if it had wings that flew swiftly into every region of the world—no isolated areas exempted. CDC, W.H.O, the Media went from announcing that it would take about two weeks to “flatten” the infectious curve; to a seasonal infection lasting only for the spring; to now announcing that the cycles of lockdowns, quarantine, mask-wearing etc. is going to be around “forever”—the New Norm! Online and social media platforms shows the confusion, fear, apprehension, distress etc. around the world. But what got my attention was the various spiritual association of this disease/vaccine. Is this a coincident? Or is there an entity that is orchestrating this? If so, who is this entity? And why are they using these particular spiritual associations? Well, since all the “spiritual associations” are taken from the Bible, we’ll explore the Bible to find the answers. 

1. H.R. 6666 Bill: “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”

The Anti-Christ or Beast System in Revelation uses the Number 666!

“This bill would provide $100 billion in grants to faith-based organization, clinics, medical centers, and other organization which perform testing for COVID–19, tracing of exposure to COVID–19, or services for individuals who are isolating at home.” 1

Comments: In Korea, QR codes are given to every universities and churches. The patrons of these places must download it on their phones. For each visit to these facilities, one must sign in using these QR code on their cell phones. Along with written personal information and daily temperature check. These QR codes like a product in the supermarket tracks your whereabouts and how often you frequent these facilities. Why is the name of this “tracking bill” so closely associated with the number 666 in the Bible, that is globally known as a Satanic Mark of the Beast? There’s more, read on:

2. Luciferase (means light-bearer) Genes and Enzyme

In the Bible, Lucifer is Another Name for Satan, Son of the Morning or Light!

“Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes…The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase…Both words are derived from the Latin word Lucifer – meaning light-bearerLuciferase genes can be synthesized and inserted into organisms or transfected into cells…In the luciferase reaction, light is emitted when luciferase acts on the appropriate luciferin substrate. Photon emission can be detected by light sensitive apparatus such as a luminometer or modified optical microscopes. This allows observation of biological processes…In biological research, luciferase is commonly used as a reporter to assess the transcriptional activity in cells that are transfected with a genetic construct containing the luciferase gene under the control of a promoter of interest.” 2

“Scientists at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB)… UTMB virologists are using the enzyme (Luciferase) to develop faster and more accurate diagnostic tests for COVID-19 as well as to analyze potential therapies and gain a clearer understanding of the SARS-CoV-2 virus itself…The lab can now visually confirm the presence of antibodies that can block a SARS-CoV-2 infection earlier than through previous methods…The great thing about luciferase, and the one that we specifically use which is nanoluciferase, is that “it’s really bright,”… based on reporter viruses in which the luciferase enzyme is inserted into the virus’ genome to make it easy to follow…” 3

Comments: In the Bible Lucifer is another name for Satan, son of the morning or light. Isa. 14:12. Is it by chance that these enzymes/genes are so boldly named after him?  So this Luciferase genes or the synthetic gene (apparently apart of the mRNA sequence in the vaccine), and the luciferase enzymes injected into “the organism” (people etc.) produces a light that can be detected by an apparatus (machine etc.). And our DNA activity (sequencing and replicating) can be observed… particularly the “transcriptional activity” that is done by our mRNA and tRNA genetic processes (so this observation would include our biological and the synthetic mRNA in “the vaccine”). This seems to be the avenue for Illumina surveillance to easily detect who has been vaccinated. These luciferase enzymes and gene “insertions” are detectable by a “light sensitive apparatus.” Perhaps the reason too for the unprecedented global “rollout” of the 5G technology this year. 4 And S. Korea, one of the “model” countries for “the disease,” around the same time that they ordered “the vaccine” from the US, they also “deploy 5G tech in the airport virus check.” 5

3. Illumina—Technology, Surveillance, Vaccines

Illuminate is the same as Spiritual Enlightenment

(Illumine/illuminate: “To enable (one) to understand, especially in a spiritual sense.” Thefreedictionary.com

“Providing technology and support to track transmission, conduct surveillance, develop therapies and vaccines, and ensure long-term global safety and securitygenetic sequencing will become an even more important tool to identify local or regional viral flare-ups before they spread…The shotgun technique allows researchers to sequence random genetic strands to identify a virus at a faster pace…Workers need to be recruited and trained to run sequencing machines and interpret results…To help researchers work towards these goals, Illumina has devised two methods for sequencing SARS-CoV-2 from clinical samples: one workflow based on shotgun metagenomics, and one on target enrichment.”6 “Comparing the genome sequences of different types of animals and organisms (humans etc.)…provide insights into the biology of development and evolution.”7

Comments: In the Bible illuminate means to have spiritual enlightenment or spiritual understanding guided by the Holy Spirit. Heb. 10:32. There is another “illuminate” that Satan promised Eve if she ate of the “forbidden fruit,” her eyes would be opened and she would be as gods, knowing good and evil. Gen. 3:5. Thus, she “fell” for this temptation to take on God’s prerogative or enter unto “forbidden grounds”—Look at our world today! So what will this Illumina technology leads to?   Illumina Inc. and its sequencing technology has been around for years. But “the disease” has brought it to the forefront. It is definitely filled with ethical concerns, but perhaps the UN (like other unethical medical technology) 8 gave the license for this technology to be used on humanity. Illumina Inc. and its sequencing technology seems to be the foundation for “the disease” and “the vaccine.” It provides genetic sequencing vaccines—such as the mRNA sequencing that’s currently in “the vaccine;” the gene sequencing machines; the tracing surveillance and the research associated with biological development and evolution.

4.“Immortalized Cell Lining”

Immortality in the Bible is Associated with Living Forever!

“How Making a Covid-19 Vaccines Confronts Thorny Ethical Issues”

“…Some Catholic leaders in the United States and Canada are concerned about COVID-19 vaccine candidates made using cells derived from human fetuses aborted electively in the 1970s and 1980s… Some of these cultures are known as immortalized cell lines because the cells never stop dividing…  many COVID-19 studies — beyond just those related to vaccines — are using Vero cells, a cell line derived from the kidney of an African green monkey, Rasmussen says…Virologist Angela Rasmussen of Columbia University pointed out on Twitter, those other vaccines are being developed with scientific input from research using HeLA cellsHeLa cells are named after Henrietta Lacks, a Black tobacco farmer and mother of five from Virginia who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1951…That cell line comes from a sample taken from her cervix by researchers at Johns Hopkins University (without her knowledge/permission)…These cells have been used in development of vaccines… But for HeLa cells in particular, Wilson says, there’s an opportunity for restorative justice. Given the disproportionate effects of the virus among Black people in the United States due to underlying health conditions and jobs that may expose them more to the virus (SN: 4/10/20), “special effort should be made to ensure that Black people are vaccinated once we know that this is safe…” she says”9

More on African Green monkeys—Humanity’s “Shared Ancestors”: Gene Sequencing

“The vervet monkey (African green monkeys) is an important biomedical research model poised to take advantage of a complete genome sequencing initiative…we also note that the vervet genome is extremely well-suited for massively parallel DNA sequencing approaches… Anticipating the trade-off between massive output versus loss of specificity on the short read systems (Illumina, ABI Solid) we still expect to have an alignability success rate similar to human resequencing (Trials with Illumina and Solid are underway with John McPherson in Toronto to evaluate the two systems).”10

Comments: The idea of immortality goes back to the Garden of Eden: God told Adam and Eve that if they disobeyed Him and eat the fruit, that they would “surely die” (become mortal or subjected to death). Satan told them, “You shall not surely die (immortal or not subjected to death).”In other words, if they disobeyed God, they would still be immortal (not subjected to death) Gen. 2:17; 3:4. This immortality “doctrine” shows up in the Roman Catholic beliefs: Praying to dead saints; an eternal burning hell etc. 11 A Great majority of people seems to believe this lie, that when people die, they don’t really die (go back to the dust/dirt), but they become ghosts, or they go directly to heaven or hell. While according to the Bible, all humanity have sinned, subjected to death (mortal), and return to the dust at death.

Immortality is not given to anyone alive or dead, until Jesus’ second coming, when at His pronouncement the righteous rises for their graves, and are given immortality along with eternal life. (Gen. 3:23; Eccl. 3:20; 9:5-6; John 3:16; 1 Cor. 15: 52-54).   “Immortal cells” are in harmony with the H.R. 6666 bill, the Luciferase genes and enzymes, and Illumina technology—They all point us to Lucifer/Satan and his promise to our first parents and their generations to “enlighten” and make us like gods, and give us eternal life in our mortal bodies.  So is this experimental vaccine, developed using these “immortal cells,” Luciferase/Illumina technology, as well as synthetic mRNA sequencing that will join to our biological DNA (inserted with Luciferase enzyme/genes) an attempt to defy God? 12 For the average person, this is an obvious treading on forbidden grounds.  Who gives any human being the right over another human, to force this type of experimental vaccine that will change our DNA (genes of each person’s uniqueness) and its replicating process into who knows what? After all, God created each person in His image, and He planned this in eternity past. (Gen. 1:26; Jer. 1:5).  

This brings us to the involvement of “green monkeys,” humanity’s most recent primates belonging to the same group of species according to Evolutionary theories. Thus, according to this theory, what’s the big deal in getting their cells lining? Notice too that Illumina Inc. that provides the foundational technology and research for “the disease/vaccine,” is linked to providing “insight into evolution.” So then is it a coincident that “blacks” have been designated to go first for the vaccine by Joe Biden, The Gates, the article above etc.? After all, they are the closest to these monkeys according to evolutionary theories? And according to the article, it’s an opportunity to do “restorative justice” base on 400 years of murder, torment and abuse by Europeans? And with 400 years of consistent target for death, abuse etc. the world should now believe there is “good will” in designating “blacks” first? Has anything changed in the white supremacist laws, especially in the police force and prison system that murders “blacks” disproportionately?   And they all seem to be quoting the same “statistic” without any evidence that “blacks” are disproportionately affected by the disease. While Europeans make up the majority and have the most hospitals in their “regions?”—And Americans regardless of skin color are the most obese, on drugs/medication and junk food in the world?  The real conclusion is that, this “unpresented, questionable vaccine, based on asymptomatic Darwinian theories, is an evolutionary based experiment on humanity, and “blacks” being the most vulnerable and devalued group must get the experiment first—for life or death! 

5. The Pope Wants Everyone Vaccinated—All the Spiritual Association comes Together!

The Spiritual Associations are Roman Catholic Doctrines: In 2017, A Comic Strip Included, The Corona Virus “The Champion of Rome.”

“On Sept. 19, Pope Francis reiterated his call for a universal distribution of the vaccine, saying that “it would be sad if, in providing the vaccine, priority was given to the wealthiest, or if this vaccine became the property of this or that country, and was no longer for everyone.”…. “Vaccines are important not only for their clinical value and the common good, but (they) also make good ethical sense,” said Steven Bozza, director of the archdiocesan Office for Life and Family. As with production, said Bozza, authorities and government entities have “a responsibility for making sure that vaccines of any sort are readily made available and accessible.”… Catholics have a moral responsibility to avail themselves of a coronavirus vaccine once it becomes widely available, say local ethicists.”13

Comments: The Spiritual associations of this vaccine/disease all comes together under the Pope/Papacy/Roman Catholicism: The Pope claims infallibility, supreme, and ruler over all churches and states (spiritual and secular affairs)—Read all the historical and current articles about his dealings with spiritual and secular leaders. He boldly puts himself in Jesus’ place and calls himself the “Vicar of Christ” (accepting worship, forgiving sins etc.). Thus, the global emphasis of all the mandates regardless of convictions, objections, even countries that have their own natural respiratory herbs, such as in Africa etc. 14
Protestant reformers such as Martin Luther called the Pope, the anti-Christ (because he takes on the prerogatives of Jesus on earth; promotes doctrines that are against Christ and His words etc.). Thus, the number 666 has long been associated with the Pope, “the man of sin” and of “the Beast” system in Revelation. “…Count the number…It is the number of a man,” or the head of the Beast system (2 Thess.2:3-3; Rev.13:15-18). One of the Pope’s official title is Varicus Felii Dei (in Latin), count these Roman numbers, the total is 666! 15 16. This Beast system is obviously Satanic (Lucifer) which forces the conscience of humanity, causing multitudes to submit the Pope, and worship him—which is really worshipping Lucifer/Satan.
All the spiritual associations comes together under the Pope/Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church doctrines: Which all points to Lucifer/Satan in heaven, in the Garden of Eden, and on earth who desires to usurp worship from God, our Creator (seen clearly when he commanded worship from Jesus):
The H.R. 6666 Bill point to the Anti-Christ; the Luciferase and Illumina technology, Immortal cells—The promised “enlightenment” to be like gods, and immortal life promised by Satan are reflected in Pope/Papal Supremacy and the Roman Catholic doctrines. (Gen. 3:1-5; Matt. 4:8-10; Rev. 12: 7-9; Rev.13:15-18).
Thus, “the entity” behind all the “catastrophic” mandates that the entire world have been enduring since the introduction of this disease and the vaccine.
And why the obsession with the poor? History clearly reveals the Pope/Roman Catholic church was the backbone for wiping-out indigenous people across the globe; the backbone of African slavery etc. in order to establish white supremacy. 17, 18 These “poor” countries/people are still under this oppression, exploitation and subjugation by Europeans, the backbone being the Vatican—The Pope mandating that the poor—particular “blacks” and Latino to get the vaccine first (as reiterated by Joe Biden, The Gates etc.) should make every conscientious person even more afraid of “the vaccine.” The outcome of Rome/Pope/Papal Supremacy has been and will be bloodshed, terror, inquisition, and all sorts of human torture—The world should be afraid, as at the Pope is back at the forefront of the world’s platform—and as a dictator mandating “the vaccine” no matter the health condition, convictions, status etc.—for the entire world! Even now, all the mandates are still crushing us and our “cry” is not being heard.” The people no longer decides when the Pope speaks—The democracy we once knew is forever goneThe Pope, a dictator now runs the show!

Final Thoughts:

These Spiritual Associations: The Doctrines of the Pope/Papacy/Roman Catholic Church

Can this really be a coincident that all the spiritual association points to the doctrines of the Papacy/Pope/Roman Catholic Church—The anti-Christ System? I think not. This identifies the entity that has long made these well-devised plans for humanity. The end goal which the Bible predicts—To deceive humanity into ultimately worship the Beast (The Pope/anti-Christ system) and His image—Which will really be worshipping Lucifer/Satan; receive the Mark of the Beast and ultimately the wrath of God. (Rev. 13:15-18; 14:9-12).

The Spiritual associations and the platform of “the vaccine” is echoing Satan’s first lie to Adam and Eve, that they “…would become like God possessing greater wisdom than before and being capable of a higher state of existence.” GC 532. Lucifer and the “Vicar of Christ/The Pope” (Satan’s right hand on earth) says to humanity, “I will be like the Most High” (Isa. 1:14.). In fact, there is another characteristic of God that is being targeted: The “Omnipresence” of the Illumina surveillance that will track every human being’s behavior, socializations etc. as clearly seen in S. Korea where tracking includes all aspects of life—and the unacceptable behaviors, associations etc. leads to public shame, imprisonment etc. 19

Why God allows these Spiritual Associations?

It doesn’t matter the religious or non-religious persuasion, every person will soon have to acknowledge that these spiritual associations points to the issues outlined in the Bible that concerns our salvation. Every person will have to confront the spiritual issues that the Pope/Papacy is bring to the forefront mainly the issue of worshipping God as our Creator, or the Pope and his predecessor Satan. For centuries, Protestants have been pointing to these issues of the Pope/Papal Supremacy, The Mark/Image of the Beast, The Number 666 as the last act in the controversy between Christ and Satan before Jesus’ second coming. Humanity will have to acknowledge that there is a true God, and Creator who gives us His faithful and accurate words in the Bible—All relating to our existence on earth and the controversy between Christ and Satan, good and evil.  Satan’s “agent” on earth, the Pope/Papacy’s wrath is not against any other religious figure like Buddha or Allah, but against Jesus Christ. Each person under the pressure and tyranny of the Papacy will be brought to make a choice whom they will worship and obey—which will determine our eternal life or death.

All Involved: W.H.O, CDC,The Economic Forum, The UN etc.—Takes Directives from the Pope

With the claims of the Pope as “The Vicar of Christ,” we can conclude that all are taking directives from him: The presidents, W.H.O, CDC etc. In fact, most of these “front line players” and presidents (The Gates, Dr. Fauci, The Economic Forum founder, Joe Biden) are all Catholics. And naturally the foundation of “the disease” and “the vaccine” is based on Evolution, such as the asymptomatic theory that is being used to control the “infected” and healthy alike. This theory “wipes-out” the Creator—Jesus Christ (Col. 1:16); And puts the Pope/Anti-Christ in charge to take on God’s prerogative to change our gene expressions from what the Creator gave us biologically. With “the secret ingredients” involved, they can choose whatever synthetic mRNA sequence to put into various vaccines causing whatever gene expression they choose—even for generations to come.

Facing The Reality

With the history of the Roman Powers from Jesus’ days where they tortured and persecuted their citizens and Christians; To the Roman Catholic Church/Papacy bloody crusades in Europe; And its history of sending out “missionaries” on genocide missions of aboriginals from the Americas to Africa…What can we expect from the increase global power of the Pope/Papacy/Roman Catholic Church?  And isn’t it obvious by now that the mandates, the disease and vaccine have nothing to do with their narratives to the public?

What to expect has already started. “Dr. Ben Tapper says it perfectly, “The vast majority of physical and financial hardship is not from “the disease” but from the ongoing catastrophic lockdowns, restrictions and policies imposed by unaccountable and irrational governments.” 20

God’s Words Exposes EVERYTHING from Lucifer/Satan: “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” Luke 8:17

Read: The Great Controversy, EGW—1800s classic (also online). This includes the history and beliefs of the Pope/Papacy/Roman Catholic Church and insight into currents global events according to Bible prophecies.  

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